A letter to Krystal, from Kush


Hello Krystal,

Happy New Year!!!

First, I want to start by saying that YOU are f*cking brilliant. There is nothing you have thought of that you can not do! you have learned and are continuing to learn so much, don’t doubt yourself. Ever. Because that is where problems arise. You are exceptionally clever, creative and charming. The 3 C’s I admire about you. I know that there is a constant battle in your head, trying to figure out how to conduct yourself in YOUR life so that you attract all things positive. You know what it is that you want. Focus on that alone. Create a tunnel vision for everything you wish to accomplish, one at a time. FOCUS. Hard work and dedication are not your issue, you need to focus. Once your focus is set your hard work, dedication and passion with fall in line. I know you very well and I see it, its all here….. in your head.

You lost yourself a tad bit the past few months. You let other things distract you… they came into the forefront of what YOU want to do. Do not do that. When you know what it is that YOU MUST do, make sure you do NOTHING else but get it done. You let fear come into the forefront of WHAT you want to do, and that is alright, but Krystal sometimes you let those fears turn into doubts ..you sabotage yourself. This must end.

Everyday at rising, think about your short term goals first, and how you will work and conduct yourself so that you are one step closer each day. Get up and create a list of all these things. You hate to be idle, especially if there hasn’t been much progress. You arent content with how things are, I know that you are extremely grateful for all in your life but you and I both know that YOU are meant for more.

You and your friends posses a certain knowledge that is not too common. Think of a way to use it
You have the gift of gab and a knack for words, you’re a writer. Work HARDER on it
You’re learning about herbs and natural medicines almost everyday. I believe this may be a new found passion of yours. Follow the necessary steps to pass this knowledge on and to help others.

Yes, You’re a day dreamer who needs to buckle down, focus and get this life game correct (by your standards of course)or it will fly by. You become easily distracted and YOU MUST TEACH your self discipline. You must teach yourself PATIENCE, nothing truly worth having will come without a fight. And it is easier said than done but you MUST work at this. It is your passion, you will never forgive yourself if you don’t get back on track. I want you to read this letter EVERYDAY. Promise me.

But one thing you have that many people don’t, is a knowledge of self. No matter how many things distract you, no matter how much you may “lose yourself”..don’t ever LOSE YOURSELF. Self is all you have and it is the true you. When you are alone at night in your bed with no one around watching or listening that is self Krystal, and you are happy with that. Many people can not be with themselves for too long, they aren’t comfortable in the skin they were born in. Don’t wander into that catagory, its scary.

God and the UNIverse have been GREAT to you, now its time to show that you appreciate it, take the gifts and knowledge given to you and fucking soar you Pisces! …or swim. Which makes you feel better.

I love you,


Heart, you’re mines.

I will love you when no one else wants to.
I will always be here for you. When no one else will.
I will never let you down.
I know that the red that flows through you is all that you have, so I will not hurt you or take away from you in any way.
I see you for what you are.
You’re love
you’re magic,
you’re knowledge,
you’re strength.
Sometimes.. I know you hurt. Hurt for something that you’re unclear you’ve ever even had.
And that’s ok. You will find it soon.
I will cherish you,
the way you wanted others too.
But they were unable too, because they never really saw the real “you”
And you’re Mines.
So I keep you away sometimes,
it’s so I know that you’re safe
Others have proven to not be able to a handle you the way that I do….
… And some of that is my fault. I’ve placed you in the wrong hands.
I’m smarter now, and I’ve evolved my plan.
I will love you through the bullshit.
I will love you though angry moments
I will love you though sad moments
I will love you when you’re unclear of which way to turn
I get you
I understand you
I will never leave you
I am you.

….. Unfinished

Is Baking Soda The Enemy Of All Pharmaceutical Companies?



It is no secret that as humans, especially in the US, a lot of of us enjoy the finer things. Having the ability to Look good, smell good, enjoy the feel of a clean body and hair, having nice fresh breath, and even being able to keep our homes clean and germ free. A lot of things people in poorer countries could only dream of. Women and men alike, we all guilty of this at some point.

But at what point should we become cautious of what we are putting onto/into our bodies and even in our living space? Should we honestly leave the care and beauty of our precious skin, teeth, eyes and hair to companies like MAC or Herbal Essence? Should we trust companies like Lysol, AirWick and Febreeze to clean and freshen the air that we breath?

A recent study shown in the Daily Mail UK, shows that the average woman wears up 515 chemicals on her body on a daily basis. Many of these beauty products evem have a cocktail of chemicals that they are comprised of.

chemical body

According to The Silent Menace, almost all air fresheners are chemically scented using butane and propane. This means that there is not 1 organic ingredient in these air fresheners and they do absolutely nothing to clean our freshen our air, they only damage it. Our lungs and blood absorb all of these chemicals every time they are used and hours after. Resulting in a number of respiratory illness and even cancers.

“How do these chemicals make into our products? and why isn’t anyone stopping them?” you may ask, the answer is actually kind of unbelievable. An article in The Alternative Daily states that the government does NOT require health studies or market testing of the chemicals in our products. The Office of Cosmetics and Colors at the FDA can use almost any raw material while making a product withut any approval.

After hearing and reading about our chemical laden everyday body and home products, many people begin to wonder “well what now? is there a more natural alternative? and if it is, it is probably going to be more expensive than the original” Well, I am here to diffuse that thought. Everything that our bodies and homes may need to be clean, and presentable, everything that the average person probably spends hundreds of dollars a week on can be effortlessly made in your own home for free using one simple, beneficial, safe but very powerful product, BAKING SODA.

Sodium Bicarbonate, aka Baking Soda is a chemical salt that in its natural form is the mineral Nahcolite. Baking soda can react as both a base, acid and an alkaline. Sodium bicarbionate helps to regulate the bodies pH, turning an acidic body into an alkaline body or regulating the body between alkaline and acidic creating a balanced medium.

When a human body is an alkaline state, it reduces the risk of many illness from flu’s to cancers. Alkaline is the bodies natural cleaning system, the same way alkaline in the ocean cleans the water.

Here is a list of the many ways we can replace harmful products with baking soda and even make our own homemade baking soda products which helps and the body and helps the pockets (lol):

1) washing vegetables and fruits: almost all of produce are sprayed with harmful herbicides and pesticides that regular warm water will never remove (thanks Monsanto) instead of buying an expensive fruit and vegetable cleaner, just soak the fruit and vegetables in warm water and nice mixture of baking soda and apple cidar vinegar for about 5-10 minutes. You will notice all the wax, dirt and herbicides wash off into the water leaving it kind of murky.

2) indigestion: For upset stomach, heartburn, acid reflux, and nausea mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and drink quickly, it has no side effetcs. This saves us from medicines like Pepto Bismol whose side effects are diahheria, and upset stomach. The same problems its supposed to be treating.
Spoonful of baking soda

3) exfoliating skin: to cut back on chemical soaps we put on our skin like Olay or St Ives which contain harmful parabens and propylene glycol that results from skin irritation to again, cancer. We use this simple bakimg soda paste. Baking soda is a great cleaner of all kinds. Skin, hair, body etc. To exfoliate take a little baking soda (as much as you see fit) and mix with it warm water until it becomes a paste. Rub the paste over your face then rinse with warm water. This paste can also be used on acne spots.

4) clean floors: mix 1/2 cup of baking soda in a bucket of warm water and white vinegar, mix well
baking soda floors

5) to rid/prevent the body from any form of radiation and raise the body’s alkalinity: drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of sea salt not ionized and warm water. For flavor and viatmins add lemon and drink up!
baking sea

Family, we must be extremely cautious of how we handle our most precious commodity, our bodies. I know we all want to look good and feel beautiful but at what and who’s cost? We must do our own research on everything we do and enjoy. If we are going to wear chemical makeups, at least clean your skin the natural and harmless way. If your going to eat bad food, at least clean your system the natural way. YOUR body deserves it. We only get ONE body…treat it well 🙂

Til next time family, LOVE.

My Car.


“A friendship is like a shared car. Both parties must keep it up, pay for it, clean it, and give it gas”


I am firm believer that regret and guilt and two wasteful emotions. Unless you can build a time machine, go back in time and change whatever it is you are regretful or guilty about, build a bridge and get over it.

But I am finding out that that is way easier said than done. I think I ruined a perfect relationship. Is it often that you meet that friend that automatically understands you? and everything you talk about? from your point of view on certain matters to relationship troubles? hell you even feel the same way about certain people. Is it often that you meet that friend you never argue with? and i don’t mean the fake kind of not arguing…the kind of not arguing that’s only done to avoid an argument, no i mean genuinely not disagreeing lol…on hardly anything.

Well, that kind of friend is extremely rare. Especially in this generation, where the coolest thing to do is “not give a fuck” and showing no love is the newest fad. People don’t even put fourth the effort to make or keep friends anymore..and as humans that’s our greatest need, to have someone in our corner.

I met that kind of friend some years ago, and we’ve been tight ever since. Ive never had a friend like that. Ever. We even stood by each other while we were arguing with each other! We’ve been in relationship drama together, We’ve almost done it all.

I think we made a wrong turn when we drove our friendship to a place it had no business being. I mean…we had been extremely close and happy with each other on the same road for years just the way we were. Why in the hell did we risk that road just to see what other roads COULD but never will offer?

I mean, when we first made the wrong turn..we thought it was the right turn. We believed we were on the right path..well at least I believed that. We kept on driving down this wrong street, we weren’t speeding..we followed the speed limit but it was still the wrong damn road. The first half of the journey was great we never even realized we made a wrong turn. Our car wasn’t new but it was in good condition. Nice seats so we were comfy, music and even air conditioned. We kept our car fly as hell!

Somewhere a long this road…we came across huge potholes, broken street, glass, hitch hikers…we came across it all. And that happens sometimes, when driving down any road with someone..weather it be the right road or the wrong one, its up to you to figure out. These things began to break down our strong, well made car…glass ripped into the tires, hitch hikers tired to jump in..but we pushed them out and kept going.

I didnt believe our car COULD break down, it had been so strong for so long through everything. But then we, the drivers of the car began questioning if this is the road we should even be on, we had never checked for directions or even check google maps before we took off.

Now our car is barely moving. It has no doors so there’s no security, hitch hikers can jump in at will, the steering wheel is gone so we’re driving all erratically. The windows are broken out so its noisy and we cant hear each other. Our car is totaled.

There are no mechanics to fix it or give us new parts. When we left for this road we didn’t bring anyone with us. We shut everyone out the car. It was my favorite car..with my favorite friend. And I really wanted us to drive far…just us with beautiful scenery. Laughs and good memories….too add to our good memories collection.

Now we’re are both stranded and blaming each other for the broken car. I need to find my way back home.

RIP to our beautiful, strong, amazing, car.

Network Marketing Isn’t legit. (Read this post)

Hrsh Reyalitee

Of Course network marketing isn’t legit because it should be a CRIME to be able to use your inbound, social, and SEO marketing skills so easily. I am a Artist as you know and I am always looking for ways to grow my network, and capital to put toward my dreams and goals. I’m really only looking for people who are looking for the same. I have HOPE in my people, still. 🙂

If you are interested in learning how I make extra money every week, email me HrshReyalitee@Streetpoetsnyc.com

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Recipes? Or A Mockery?


With African Americans having one of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in the US, I found a bit of relief when I came across the Thug Kitchen blog.

I thought “at last someone is finally coming off of the delicious but deadly soul food wave”. Thug Kitchen offers some of the tastiest vegan food you can find on the internet like their organic carrot pumpkin cake, or the summer tomato nectarine pasta (which seriously looks yummy).

when first arriving on the website, the very first thing you will notice is the large “sign the f”ck up” referring to the Thug Kitchen newsletter posted on the first page. The website is full of profanities and prefers to take on a “thug” approach when giving out the delicious recipes, like the Pina Colada and Motherf*cking Homemade Ice Cream.

They even tell their readers “Dont f*uck around with some sorry a** $10 takeout”. The blog has had success for years, with a new cookbook and endorsements from Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Its popular in the vegan world and with helping meat eaters cross over to the vegan lifestyle.

Since the creators of this blog have remained anonymous since creation in 2012, one will probably imagine this blog to be the brainchild of some young black man maybe between the ages 22-33 years old. Seemingly smart since he knows a thing or two on eating healthy, he may possibly sport some tattoos but with an overall “thug or gangsta” demeanor. The Washington Post even went on to say it was if “Samuel L. Jackson went on a health kick and started a Tumblr”

But I and the rest of internet world was extremely shocked and sadly mistaken to find out that its NOT a young health freak black man behind this blog….but a white couple, in their late 20’s named Michele Davis and Matt Holloway. An article written on Epicurious is what revealed this big discovery.

Epicurious states “You might think Thug Kitchen would be run by a pair of frat boys and a few pledge interns out of a house near campus, but Davis and Holloway have the type of energetic and friendly personalities needed to spawn an aspiring empire. After about thirty seconds with the pair and it’s clear: They are unmistakably Thug Kitchen.

The big question that has remained unanswered by the couple is WHY? Why take on a so called “thug” approach when I am sure that neither has had experience with it?

I initially believed that it was to reach out to not only African Americans but to the urban population in general, where some actually use profanity in everyday language or may refer to one another as “thug” or “gangsta”.

I thought it was done with the hopes of maybe inspiring lower income neighborhoods to eat healthy and encourage them to stay away from fast foods and junk food that is seen on literally every corner.

Although Davis states to Epicurious that “We started the site just for fun, to make each other laugh”, One would question is that the only way to make each other laugh? to seemingly mock urban language and lifestyle? I don’t understand. Its like believing Snoop Dogg wrote a cookbook, only to find out it was Martha Stewart pretending to be Snoop Dogg.

Many bloggers are calling this “a recipe in blackface” and sadly I must admit that I agree.

What say you family? Check out the commercial below:

“One of the worst parts about loving someone who wont love you back is the time you waste committed to that person while theyre off doing something without you-loving other peole, caring about other things. They shiw up once in a while and you abide with your undivied attention. Then, when you finally get over it, you wonder why you gave so much to a lost cause”

granted. (a blurb)


I give my energy away so selflessly. i try to be there when ppl need me…or just need someone in their corner. i try to always be that open ear even though i had trouble listening growing up. i try to make sure people know they can count on me, they can trust me. Its a real terrible feeling to feel like you cant talk to anyone…or like you have no one behind you that understands…so i try to be that for other people. With the little that i have i try my best to share it…even if its my last pinch of weed. my energy gets taken and i let it. i feel like people need my positivity sometimes. i try to always stay in a positive mindset. i really try my best. I do this because it makes me feel good. to know that ive helped someone, to let them know that if no one is behind you, i am and they trust it…it makes me feel really good. to see that sigh of relief or that thankful embrace, i feel like ive done a humanly duty. it makes me happy making other feel wanted when they feel they arent. feeling unwanted has got to be the worst

im trying really hard to right my wrongs, i am. if i have done something wrong and i recognize it, i try my best to give the sincerest apology and offer my services to make it better. i try to change the old ways that ive been told i have for the better of my future relationships with people. And i dont mean just romantically…i mean friendships, work relationships…family. i am really really trying my best to be in the right direction of things.

sometimes… a lot of the time, i feel like i am left to dry. maybe because i have no problem apologizing or because i no problem always being there..i feel its becoming expected of me. People hurt me sometimes, and most of the time i just let it go because there is no use crying over spilled milk. whats done is done. right? but is it wrong of me to want people to just realize they have hurt me and take the initiative of apologizing without me saying? are people that untuned to other folks vibes and feelings? so much so that they can not tell when they hurt someone else? is it wrong of me to want someone to tell me that they have my back? and that they will be there for me no matter what? or that no matter what happens…distance or differences that will love me and care? i feel so disposable sometimes. it really hurts because i try my best to make other NOT feel that way. where the hell is karma?? i thought what goes around comes around? or maybe i am not doing what i think i am doing? am i not really being of service to others by offering myself? i dont know but its becoming too much. id give anything to board a plane and leave right now.

the tension is a lot right now. its giving me a tension headache. i wish someone would rub my temples.

When Will We Have Enough?

gf intervention

Last night, the Lifetime network premiered a brand new show titled “Girlfriend Intervention”. The show features four established black women, who coach other non black women on how to be more hip,stylish and have the “confidence” of a black women.

It begins with former Bad Girls Club member Tanisha Thomas declaring that “trapped inside of every white girl, is black girl waiting to bust out”….wait, what??….. If that was your initial reaction after reading that sentence, then just imagine hearing it said on national television.

The show is a makeover show that is very similar to every other makeover show, taking women who may have a bland/boring style and giving them a brand new look. Except this show takes what they call “basic women” (mainly white women) also known as a “BW” and makes them into a “bootylicious babe” in other words teaches them how to be more Black. Tanisha, who is also the shows “soul coach” describes her and her 3 counterparts as “four black woman taught to always have to together and tell you like it is”.

During one segment, the 4 coaches are examining their makeover subject, a homey looking, kind of shabby, dressed in baggy clothing white woman named Joanie. One of the coaches looks at her and then exclaims “no self respecting black woman would hide herself in this if she wants to keep her black card” as a black woman, I honestly have no idea what the black card is, if isn’t the black card issued to the rich by American Express.

Many critics are arguing that the show is perpetuating many stereotypes about black women, like the super hero black woman that comes in to save the helpless white woman, or of course the overly confident, outspoken, finger snapping, neck rolling black woman that many of us black women have to come despise.

In an interview with Bustle.com, two of the shows coaches, Tiffany Dixon the Style Coach and the Soul Coach, Tanisha address the criticism surrounding the shows stereotypes saying “I think the fact that they’re criticizing it shows more racism on their side than our side, because a lot of the criticism came out before they saw us, before they heard us speak, before they had any sort of idea about what the show is really about”

download (3)

Even though the shows description on the Lifetime website makes no mention of race, the description on Lifetimes press website does say this “Many black women carry themselves with a great deal of pride, style and, most importantly, self-confidence. Where does it come from and how can it be obtained? Who better to teach a woman how to get that sparkle in her eye and spring back in her step? Each week, Girlfriend Intervention follows a woman whose personal space and self-esteem are in desperate need of a major makeover and a life-giving dose of diva inspiration.”

TV columnist Brian Lowry of Variety.com feels that “building all these familiar makeover-show elements around a racial component simply breeds a lot of tone-deaf blather, including the various things that black women will or won’t do.” and I must add, that I totally agree with him.

Not only does Girlfriend Intervention make a mockery of black womanhood and our many diverse personalities by painting us to be one specific way, but it is also an insult to white women.

The show perpetuates that most white women are these weak, mousy, soft spoken, push overs with no style and unable to speak up for themselves and are just waiting for the superhero black girl to come and rescue her.

And I really, just can not. Between the recent drama and violence going on within the the black community for the past few months. The shooting deaths of Eric Garner by an NYC police officer and the shooting death of Mike Brown by a Ferguson police officer, the last thing black women need is a low blow like this, a show that seems to make every negative stereotype about black women true.

But what will we do? when will enough be enough? the show airs every Wednesday at 10/9 central. See this for yourself family.


Real? OR Fake? 2014 Ebola Outbreak

ebola-ebola (1)

As of March 2014, the media has been informing us of an Ebola outbreak that is taking place in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leon, and Nigeria. This outbreak has been marked as the most severe Ebola outbreak recorded with a total of 1,070 cases and 961 deaths as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

On August 8, 2014 WHO declared the outbreak A Public Health Emergency Of International Concern, which is a formal declaration by WHO as a legally binding international instrument on disease prevention, surveillance, control, and response.

As stated by WHO Ebola is “a hemorrhagic fever, severe, and an often fatal illness in humans. Ebola outbreaks have a case fatality rate of up to 90%. Outbreaks occur primarily in remote villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rain forests. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission, Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care. No licensed specific treatment or vaccine is available for use in people or animals.”

Ebola spreads from animal to human though close contact with the animals blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids. Ebola spreads from human to human through direct contact with broken skin with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person, similar to HIV.


Dr Kent Brantly, an American aid doctor working in Monrovia as a medical director became infected with Ebola alongside Nancy Writebol, his missionary assistant. Both have been flown back to the United States earlier this month to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia where they will undergo treatment for Ebola near the headquarters of the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They are first Ebola patients to ever be flown back to the US.

CBS News reports “”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its highest alert activation over the Ebola outbreak,”. Though CDC director, Tom Frieden stated in House Subcommittee Hearing that he does not think that there will be large Ebola outbreak in the US, he announced on his twitter this past Wednesday that their operations center has moved to a level 1 response. The CDC responses to disease outbreaks are based on a number scale of 1-6, with 1 being highest.

According to Michael Snyder, of the economic collapse blog, America is unfit to handle this kind of outbreak with such a high mortality rate. He states “Yes, we may be able to provide “state of the art care” for a handful of people, but if thousands (or millions) of Americans get the virus you can forget about it. Our health industry is already stretched incredibly thin, and we simply do not have the resources to handle a tsunami of high risk Ebola patients. And of course conventional medicine does not have a cure for Ebola anyway.”

President Obama feels that Ebola is not something easily transmitted and that the US “has everything under control”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I recently…(earlier this week), came across a very shocking video on Facebook done by Vice News, the video is an investigation done by an American journalist about the recent Ebola outbreak happening throughout western Africa. The video begins with the young journalist, who never gives his name speaking to a few Liberian locals.

He asks them do they eat bush meat (the alleged cause of Ebola), which is monkey meat, bat meat, bird meat, antelope meat, etc, they answer yes. He then asks are they afraid of catching Ebola, the young men laugh and seem to take the journalist for a joke. They say that they have no worries about Ebola. The journalist then meets with Liberia’s top doctor Dr Sahrs, who is in charge of all infectious disease testing in Liberia, the journalist refers to him as a “first line defense for all mysterious disease coming out of Africa”

He states that Dr Sahrs is skeptical about the presence of Ebola. Dr Sahrs states “the truth is, we haven’t had any except for one case, of course one case constitutes as an outbreak, in the Ivory Coast somewhere in the 70’s..I think, and that is all”

Dr Sahrs then smiles, laughs and says “I would be lying if I said I did not eat bush meat”

The American journalist then meets with a local Liberian journalist named Imanoel Nagbe who he states is an Ebola conspiracy theorist. Nagbe begins by pointing to a local monkey and saying to the American journalist “look, he is your friend” Nagbe then states that he is “interested in the Ebola because the feeling in Monrovia and across the country is that Ebola never went to Liberia”

Nagbe then takes the journalist to a meat market, where they sell bush meats. While in the market Nagbe says “the Liberian government banned bush meat but the locals still sell it because the people feel like the government is pulling their leg” The American journalist asks Nagbe “why would the Liberian government say there’s Ebola if there isn’t Ebola” He replies that the government could be doing a scam to gain money from international countries. And they do it because the Liberian government is broke, and most Liberian people do not believe Ebola is there.

Nagbe begins to ask random people in the market does the bush meat effect them or make them sick, they all answer with a strong no, and say they will continue to eat it. One woman states her entire family lives off of bush meat and they have for generations, she then yells “No Ebola in bush meat”. (If over 961 deaths have happened in Liberia and across West Africa as stated by the media, why would the people still believe Ebola does not exist?? shouldn’t they be dropping dead and quarantined as stated again by the media?? Hmmmmmmmm)

According to the British news site Mirror.com Dr Leonard Horowitz, international authority on public health education, did a major study into the origins of Ebola and HIV in the African continent. He questions the validity that these diseases indeed jumped from ape to man, he also investigates the possibility that these germs were laboratory created and transmitted intentionally or accidentally via hepatitis and smallpox vaccines.

Dr Horowitz also investigates CIA activity and foreign policy initiatives in Central Africa in response to the alleged threats posed by communism, black nationalism, and Third World populations. As stated by the news site NatureNews.com

The US is known for conducting scare tactics in order for the American people to give up more and more of our rights. Having a major pandemic like Ebola happen in the US would cause mass hysteria and panic, experts have even admitted this. This hysteria would give the american government a shot to do what they have been trying to do for years now, collect all American’s firearms and detain us indefinitely in their many concentration camps (which are already being built to hold Ebola patients). This would also cause the already afraid Americans to give up more our freedoms in the name of safety and control.

I know, it sounds crazy but all of the evidence is right there in front of us for those that are willing to look for themselves and not be spoon fed by the media. Countless events that have already taken place, are continuously being proven time and time again to just be a hoax in order to control the American people, like 9/11, the Sandy Hook shooting and H1N1. This is a scary time, and a time for people to think and decide for themselves. All of the evidence is right here…so decide for yourself.